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About Us



Aristel Is a diversified telecommunications company focused on improving the world of communications.

 Since 1993 we’ve been developing, manufacturing and supplying some of the most technologically advanced products and solutions. Aristel systems can be found in over 400 dealers throughout Australia and more than 40 countries worldwide.


Telephone communications for every occasion

We have a comprehensive range of devices for every type of operation – from Desk Handsets, Intercoms & Access Devices, Health and Aged Solutions to Roam Around and Long Range Cordless Phones – all designed to deliver reliable, crystal clear, cost-effective connections that keep your business seamlessly connected and talking. Our user-friendly systems come with an impressive array of features, too, including Voicemail, Paging, Fax-Link, Pre Pickup ID screening, Hands-free Conference calls, call light indicators, plus a whole host of valuable and easy-to-use functions.


Systems integration ahead of the pack

Link Aristel systems to security door speaker stations and door phones to communicate from any location on or off premises, remotely open and close door latches by pushing a button on your handset or via secure mobile phone SMS-coded instruction. Connect to Modems, Fire Security Systems, Security Alarm Frameworks and more. You will find that your Aristel system is orientated for integration across a broader range of applications than just telephoning, literally elevating your business communications to a whole new dimension.


System development

At Aristel, we cater to all small, medium, or large businesses, tailoring your business communications needs. Our systems and frameworks can be added to and expanded with additional phones, features and functions as operations develop and grow.  We future-proof our communications systems and products so you can easily link future products with current systems without needing significant overhauls to your existing Aristel infrastructure. We invite you to browse our great range of communications products and see how Aristel can connect your business better today! Every Aristel system is fully covered by our one-year all-component warranty, supported by the Aristel Manufacturing and Worldwide distribution network.