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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who Does Aristel Sell to?

A frequently asked question is whether Aristel Networks sells to over 300 registered dealers around Australia, New Zealand, PNG, and Fiji. We are an importer and wholesale distributor and do not sell directly to the public.


Q: How do you set up a dealer account?

Click on the “Dealer login” button on the top right of the header on the home page. Then fill out your details, which will validated,  and inform Aristel of your interest in registering as a dealer.

Q: Do we sell 4G products?

Yes, at Aristel Networks, we offer telecommunication solutions, including advanced 4G products such as the AN1912 Intercom and more. Our range encompasses high-quality, reliable 4G-enabled devices and systems.


Q: Why is telecommunications important?

Aristel Networks understands the fundamental importance of telecommunications to enhancing global communication, enabling business operations, fostering innovation, and supporting economic growth. We strive to ensure that our products and services are of the highest quality, enabling our customers to maximise the potential of their telecommunications networks. We are committed to providing innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

Q: Do we sell Intercoms that come with video?

Yes, Aristel Networks provides advanced intercom solutions that integrate video capabilities. Our video intercom systems offer enhanced security and communication for various applications, including facial recognition, such as the A05S-AKUVOX Smart Access Control Device Intercom.

Q: Intercoms without a phone line?

Absolutely, Aristel Networks offers wireless intercom solutions that operate without the need for a traditional phone line. Our cutting-edge wireless intercom systems provide convenient and reliable communication without the constraints of wired connections with 3G/4G connectivity.

Q: Intercoms for homes?

Yes, Aristel Networks offers a range of intercom solutions tailored for residential use. Our intercom systems provide enhanced security, convenience, and communication within the household and apartments, ensuring peace of mind for homeowners.


Q: Do we sell 4G products?

Yes, at Aristel Networks, we offer a wide range of innovative 4G products, including wireless communication systems and devices such as the ​​AN1808-08 intercoms, AN1806 Door opener, Genius X2 SIP Phone and more. Our solutions harness the power of 4G technology for high-quality, reliable connectivity.

Q: How do I get help for my order?

  • Contact Customer Support:
  • Reach out to our dedicated customer support team via the provided contact information on our website.

  • Check Order Confirmation:

    Review your order confirmation email for relevant contact details and reference numbers.

  • Email Inquiries:
  • Send an email to the customer support email address with your order details and specific questions.

Q: What products and services does Aristel Networks offer?

   – A: Aristel Networks offers a comprehensive range of telecommunication solutions, including advanced phone systems, wireless communication, and networking equipment.

Q: Does Aristel Networks provide support and maintenance services?

  -A: No, but to ensure that our products perform optimally and are reliable, Aristel offers comprehensive support to our dealers, and the dealer handles the maintenance services.

Q: How can I inquire about Aristel’s products and request a quote?

  – A: To inquire or request a quote, you can reach out to our dedicated sales team using the contact information on our website or emailing

Q: Are Aristel’s products compatible with existing infrastructure?

   – A: Aristel’s solutions can readily integrate into existing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition and compatibility with various systems contact support for more information.

Q: What sets Aristel Networks apart from other telecommunications providers?

-A:  As an innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction industry leader, Aristel provides various personalised communications solutions to meet different communication requirements.

Q: How can I stay updated on Aristel’s latest products and advancements?

   – A: Keep up with our new product announcements, features, and industry insights by regularly visiting our website, subscribing to our newsletter, or following us on social media.

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