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Return Authority (RA) Procedure

To obtain advice on technical issues/repairs, please contact our Technical Support team at or 03 8542 2308.

In the event that the Dealer wishes to return any Goods supplied by Aristel Networks for any reason other than that the Goods are faulty, Aristel Networks may in its absolute discretion agree to the return of the Goods if:

a) A Return Authorisation number (RA number) has been allocated.
*An RA number will only be considered in the following circumstances:

      1. incorrect goods shipped at Aristel error;
      2. orders cancelled within 24 hours and replacement order has been placed;
      3. faulty products.

b) The Goods are returned in the same condition (including all untampered packaging promotional material) as that in which they were supplied to the Dealer. Cost of freight to return the item/s payable by Dealer/Customer. Please ensure you utilise a freight company that requests signature on delivery – to ensure it has been delivered correctly to AN and signed for by an Aristel staff member.

If the Goods have been fully paid for by the Dealer, Aristel Networks shall not be under any obligation to pay any monies whatsoever to the Dealer, but shall credit the account of the Dealer with 85% of invoiced values of the items returned. This is to be offset against future purchases made by the Dealer and Aristel Networks shall be entitled to retain the remaining 15% to cover Aristel Networks costs and handling expenses.

Procedure for returns

  1.  Contact Aristel Technical Support team at or 03 8542 2308 to discuss your issue and obtain an RA number. They will assist you with the type of RA it is (i.e. DOA/IN- Warranty/Out Of Warranty etc)
  2. Obtain an RA form here Aristel RA Form
    OR call/email the technical team to have them email or fax one to you.
  3. Please ensure a full fault description/report accompanies the returned goods (descriptions such as “faulty” are not sufficient) including the RA number (clearly labelled on the paperwork not directly on the goods or goods box).
  4. With the help of our technical support team, you will be able to determine what type of return you have and continue to follow the procedure as listed below. Types of returns are:
    1. DOA – Dead on Arrival
    2. Failed in Service (not DOA – In-warranty or OOW etc)

*Any items returned without an RA number and report will be returned to sender and a freight/handling fee will be payable.
*Dealers need to list all items being returned including all miscellaneous parts – as claims of ‘items short upon return’ will be void.

 I.  Dead on Arrival – DOA

If a dealer receives a DOA item, Aristel Networks will dispatch a replacement item the same day. This service is available between 9.00am and 12:30pm Monday to Friday (VIC time), excluding bank and public holidays.

The item must have been purchased within 2 weeks to qualify as DOA.

The following procedure must be used to receive this service.

  1. Contact the Technical Support Team who will be able to discuss and resolve installation, operational and service problems.
  2. If the problem cannot be resolved, you will be given an RA number for a replacement.
  3. Complete the RA form and email it to . Failure to provide the serial number of the item will mean that we are unable to offer this same-day dispatch service.
  4. If you don’t have a current credit account with Aristel, you will be sent an additional form with terms and conditions that you must agree to and return signed prior to an RA number being issued.
  5. A brand new replacement item will be dispatched. You must return a copy of the RA form with the faulty item.
  6. For stock control purposes, an invoice may follow the DOA item. In order to obtain the full credit the faulty item must be returned in pristine condition including all packaging within 14 days; it must then be tested on Aristel Networks’ premises and deemed faulty. Otherwise, the invoice will be payable under normal account terms.

II.  Warranty (not DOA)

Aristel Networks will endeavour to send a serviceable replacement item within 2 working days from receipt of faulty items returned. This service is available between 9.00am and 2.00pm Monday to Friday (VIC time), excluding bank and public holidays.

Items in warranty will be replaced free of charge. Out-of-warranty items will be chargeable. A quote from the Technical Support Team will only be given if repairs exceed $150. A $25 ex-handling fee will apply to any out-of-warranty repair. If the unit is not repairable, or you do not want to go ahead with a repair quote, an inspection fee of $60ex will be charged.

For items in or out of warranty contact Aristel Networks Technical Support team for an RA number, complete the Aristel RA form and return the faulty item to Aristel Networks at your cost. Please include a copy of the Purchase Order if claiming as ‘in warranty’. In cases where the item is DOA and warranty of an item is voided, the item will be returned to the dealer and no credit will be issued.

In cases where the item has failed in service and is found to be out of warranty on return to Aristel Networks, a standard repair charge will apply.


Non Faulty Goods

Should the returned item be found not to be faulty on testing, a 15% fee of your purchase price will be charged as a service/re-stocking fee, or the goods simply be returned back to you at full cost.

Sale or Return

Aristel Networks does not supply goods on a sale or return basis under any circumstances. WirelessDemo products can be supplied at a discounted wholesale rate as a once-off to the Dealer for customer site testing to ensure suitability for site prior to customer purchase.


 Once a Headset has been removed from its original packaging, Aristel cannot accept a Return for Credit for this product. This is a hygeine reason.


Aristel Networks offers a 2 working day dispatch service on a best endeavour basis for both warranty and non-warranty items on all Aristel equipment, provided RA procedures and forms have been completed. (Note that DOA items are treated as priority dispatches and are dealt with separately).

Items that are damaged by lightning/power surge and water damage are included in the un-repairable category.

  • All repair prices quoted are net prices and are not subject to any discounts or rebates.
  • Quotes will only be issued for repairs in excess of $150ex. Any repairs less than $150ex will be carried out, invoiced and returned – unless prior arrangements have been agreed upon.
  • If your Accounts Dept requires a PO #’s to identify OOW repair invoices, the PO #’s need to be raised for the R/A and be quoted to our technicians at the time of RA number issue. Please note the PO # number on each page of the paperwork returned to us.
  • Any claims of non-payment for invoices will be void if you do not list your PO# number on the returned paperwork and to the technician taking down your R/A request.
  • If you have more than one store PLEASE NOTE THE STORE LOCATION or CUSTOMER ADDRESS to return goods to – otherwise the goods will be returned to the main store location we commonly deal with.

Note: All prices quoted are ex GST.