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Aristel Warranty Information

Aristel Networks offer a standard 12* month warranty from the date of invoice. 

*Yeastar/MyPBX has a 2-year warranty 

*Fanvil has a 2-year warranty

*Akuvox has a 2-year warranty

Consumable items, such as batteries, belt clips, curly cords, brackets, handset antennas as well as all refurbs/repairs, come with a 3-month warranty. 

It is important to note that the warranty system operates only for manufacturing workmanship defects. 

The following will void the warranty of an item: 

  1. i) If the item is out of the warranty period – 12 months for hardware/3 months for consumables (including batteries, belt clips, curly cords, brackets, handset antennas etc) and repair/refurbished items. 
  2. ii) If the item is damaged (including lightning/power surge/water damage) 
  3. iii) If no adequate Fault Report is provided 
  4. iv) If no RA number is provided with item 
  5. v) If it is not an Aristel Networks supplied item 


Dealer Responsibility

• Aristel Networks recommends that Dealers maintain critical spare stock to meet the customer’s immediate needs while a replacement unit is being sent by Aristel Networks. 

• Service call-outs are at the responsibility and cost of the dealer 

If you feel your product is faulty or requires repair, please contact Aristel Support on  03 8542 2300 or email and visit our Returns page