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 The handy new Flush In-Wall Mount!

Side view of the wall mount, 88mm

      (Side profile).

In-Wall Mount for telecom devices has never been easier with the A0 In Wall Akuvox Flush In-Wall Mount Box. The In-Wall Mount Box features clips on the side that pop out and lock in making it easier for you to install the mount in the designated area.

As the A0 Flush in-Wall Mount Box measures 88 x 88mm, it blends seamlessly into drywall, offering an unobtrusive and sleek appearance. A0 In Wall Mount Box emerges as the epitome of adaptability in telecom infrastructure. It is designed for Akuvox A01, A02, and A03 models along with Fanvil I10SV, Y501W, Y501W-Y, and A10W devices.

The A0 Flush in-Wall Mount Box is designed for easy installation, offering a hassle-free installation process for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. In addition to demonstrating the commitment to accessibility, this innovation ensures that all users are provided with a hassle-free experience.

With its clean and neutral finish, the A0 Mount Box seamlessly blends into any decor, underscoring the product’s commitment to enhancing visual appeal in telecommunications environments. It is available exclusively in White. As a result of this commitment to aesthetics, the product is suitable for many different environments due to its versatility.Back view of the flush wall mount.

     (Back view).

The A0 In Wall Flush In-Wall Mount Box is a testament to its versatility, offering more than just a mounting solution. This mount box incorporates the Akuvox A01 and A02 models, making it an ideal choice for residential and commercial applications. Its versatility goes beyond its function as a mounting solution. 

The mount box incorporates Akuvox A01 and A02 models and provides multiple installation options, making it suitable for residential and commercial applications. It has also been designed to be lightweight and easy to install, making it the ideal choice for residential and commercial installations. As an easy-to-install and use mounting solution, the A0 In Wall Flush In-Wall Mount Box is reliable and cost-effective. All installations can be performed using it.