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HDR 60 SPEC-Power Supply for 2-wire IP intercom – AKUVOX

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HDR-60-SPEC-Power Supply unit for 2-wire IP intercom – Akuvox

Introducing the HDR-60-SPEC-Power Supply Unit to meet the power demands of 2-wire IP intercom systems. Engineered for reliability and efficiency, this unit is designed to seamlessly integrate into your communication infrastructure, providing a steady and robust power source for Akuvox 2-wire devices.

  • 100-240 VAC input
  • 48VDC/1.25A output
  • Rail mount install
  • 60w model (supports up to 7 Akuvox 2 wire devices)
  • 25w model (supports up to 3 Akuvox 2 wire devices)


Versatile Power Compatibility:

With a broad 100-240 VAC input range, the HDR-60 is adaptable to various power sources, ensuring compatibility with different electrical environments worldwide. It delivers a stable 48VDC/1.25A output, meeting the stringent power requirements of 2-wire IP intercom systems.

Rail Mount Installation:

The HDR-60-SPEC-Power Supply is designed for easy and secure installation with its rail mount feature. This facilitates a hassle-free integration process, optimizing space utilization and contributing to a clean and organized installation.

Multiple Models for Diverse Needs:
60W Model:

Designed to support up to 7 Akuvox 2-wire devices, the 60W model is ideal for larger installations requiring a higher power capacity. It ensures a reliable power supply to keep your intercom system running smoothly.

25W Model:

Perfect for smaller installations, the 25W model supports up to 3 Akuvox 2-wire devices. This model provides a cost-effective solution without compromising on performance, making it suitable for various applications.