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AN 2209 || 2.4G Indoor High Power Wireless Router

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AN2209N+ 2.4G Indoor High Power Wireless Router is dedicated to long distance wireless network solutions. It is a revolutionary design with its features of conciseness, quality, and flexibility.


  • High output power and high RX sensitivity, which can significantly extend the transmission range and can deliver a more stable wireless connection and reduce the expense of equipment
  • Provides six operation modes for multiple users to access internet:
    • AP
    • Client Bridge
    • Client Router
    • WDS Bridge
    • WDS Repeater
    • VPN Pass-Through(L2TP、PPTP)
  • Passive Power over Ethernet function is easy to deploy
  • 64/128-bit WEP data encryption
  • Supports WPA/WPA2
  • MAC address filter
  • User Isolation function that can protect the private network between client and users
  • Supports MSSID up to 4 ,which offers easy wireless network isolation for your data safety
  • VPN tunnels provide site-to-site security connection;
  • Supports VLAN, which allows network administrator to segregate different services or applications to different designated users, making it more scalable.

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