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AN VP-Wired SLT Door Phone – Voice 

The Aristel AN VP-wired SLT Door Phone ensures seamless connectivity and efficiency for your business. Whether you’re managing incoming calls or initiating intercom conversations, this device is your ultimate solution. The AN VP has line power and local power. For ease of install, use the voice wizard to guide through functions and programming.  Suitable for Indoor on-wall mounting.

Aristel AN VP Datasheet

AN VP SLT Door Station Programming Guide

AN VP Quick Start Guide

  • Door Phone−Auto answers incoming calls
  • Supports PSTN, PBX – SLT and FXS connectivity
  • 24 – 48 v lines
  • Disconnects on detecting busy tone or after 5 minutes
  • A call is initiated by pressing the call button
  • Press again to disconnect the call
  • Intercom call will disconnect if there is 30 seconds of silence
  • 10 phone numbers can be stored in the door station
  • The cadence and frequency of ring back tone and busy tone received by the door station can be manually programmed to match that of the PABX, PSTN or ATA
  • Easy to program with the inbuilt voice wizard assistant
  • A confirmation voice announcement is provided when programming
  • Surface mount cabinet included
  • Dimensions:
    • AN VP  (Indoor Model) – 95mm (W) x 140MM (H) x 26MM (D)


Key Features:
Versatile Connectivity:

Our system supports various connections including PSTN, PBX – SLT, and FXS, with 24-48 V lines, ensuring compatibility with different setups.

Automated Call Handling:

Incoming calls are answered automatically, and the system can detect a busy tone or end the call after 5 minutes, optimising call management.

User-Friendly Interface:

Initiating calls is as simple as pressing a button, with easy-to-understand instructions for both initiating and ending calls.

Efficient Intercom Functionality:

Intercom calls are efficiently managed, automatically disconnecting after 30 seconds of silence, ensuring effective communication.

Customisable Settings:

Tailor the system to your specific needs with the ability to program ring back tones and busy tones to match your existing setup, ensuring seamless integration.

Intuitive Programming:

Utilise the inbuilt voice wizard assistant for easy programming, with confirmation voice announcements to guide you through the process.

Easy Installation:

The system comes with a surface mount cabinet included, simplifying the installation process for your convenience.

Experience the future of communication with Aristel’s AN VP-Wired SLT Door Phone Auto Answer System. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, our solution is tailored to meet your needs, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and reliability. Join countless satisfied customers and revolutionise your communication setup today!