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Akuvox NS-2 – 2 Wire IP Network Switch

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The Akuvox NS-2 is a 2-Wire IP network switch that provides a convenient way to upgrade analogue intercom systems with no need for rewiring. Its super long transmission distance & good compatibility with existing lines makes it suitable for most older buildings.

Product Sheet

Akuvox NS-2 – 2 Wire IP Network Switch
  • 2-Wire IP Network Switch
  • Connects up to 6 2-wire IP intercom devices
  • Support network and power supply for R20A-2, R20K-2 or C313W-2 through 2-wire cable
  • Support multi-level  through 2-wire cable
  • Powered by 48VDC power Supply (not included)
  • Rail mount install


Efficient Network and Power Support: Tailored for Akuvox Devices

This 2-wire IP network switch plays a pivotal role in supporting both network connectivity and power supply for Akuvox R20A-2 or C313W-2 devices through a 2-wire cable. The seamless integration ensures optimal performance and functionality, enhancing the overall efficiency of the intercom system.

Extended Transmission Reach: Perfect Fit for Tall Structures

A standout feature of the NS-2 is its super long transmission distance via a 2-wire cable. This capability makes it particularly well-suited for retrofitting in tall and expansive buildings, ensuring a consistent and reliable communication network throughout the structure.

Convenient Rail Mounting Installation: Simplifying Deployment

Designed for practicality, the NS-2 features rail mounting installation, providing a convenient and efficient way to deploy the 2-wire IP network switch in old buildings. This installation method further enhances the adaptability of the NS-2 to various retrofit scenarios.

Enhanced Communication Protocol: TCP/IP Connectivity

Incorporating modern communication protocols, the NS-2 supports TCP/IP connectivity, ensuring compatibility with contemporary network standards. This feature aligns with the evolving technological landscape, future-proofing the intercom system for continued advancements.

RJ45 Port for Seamless Integration: Ensuring Network Connectivity

With a dedicated RJ45 port, the NS-2 facilitates seamless integration into existing network infrastructures. The 10/100Mbps adapter ensures high-speed data transmission, contributing to the overall efficiency of the retrofitted intercom system.

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