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SS VPA & SMB KIT HORIZONTAL  –  SS VPA Door Intercom –  Stainless Steel SLT Door Intercom plus Surface Mount Bracket

Introducing the Aristel SS VPA Door Intercom, a Stainless  Steel, Voice, Power and Access SLT Door Intercom, with two wire connection and easy to install built in wizard assistant. This KIT also includes the Surface Mount Bracket.

Product Sheet

  • Easy to install with two wire connection
  • Easy to program with built-in voice wizard assistant
  • Works on PSTN & PBX –single line port
  • 24 -48 Volt Lines
  • Auto Answer
  • Program the PBX to hot line and ring desired extension(s)
  • Clear undistorted speech, can be heard over 3m away
  • Suits Most PBX models
  • Surface mounted
  • Detects Australian Busy Tone to Hang Up call
  • 10 phones numbers can be stored in the door station
  • IP65 and IK10 Rated
  • Dimensions:
    • Face plate: 170 x 100mm
    • Stainless cabinet: 174 x 113 x 65mm


Aristel Networks is a recognised leader in the industry and offers a large range of Audio and Video Door Intercoms and Access Control Devices to suit any situation.

Effortless Installation and Programming

The Aristel SS VPA Door Intercom stands out with its two-wire connection thereby simplifying the installation process. Programming is a breeze, thanks to the built-in voice wizard assistant, which  ensures a hassle-free setup experience.

Versatile Compatibility

Designed to cater to diverse communication environments, the SS VPA Door Intercom works seamlessly on both PSTN and PBX systems through a single line port. Its compatibility extends to a wide range of PBX models, providing flexibility in integration with existing communication infrastructure.

Reliable Power and Connectivity

Operating on 24 – 48 Volt lines, this SLT Door Intercom ensures a stable power supply for consistent performance. The device features auto-answer capabilities, allowing for immediate response and effortless communication. Users can program the PBX to establish a hot line and ring desired extensions, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

Crystal-Clear Communication

Experience communication like never before with clear, undistorted speech that can be heard over a distance of 3 meters. The device prioritises clarity, ensuring that every conversation is articulate and comprehensible.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Security

Equipped with intelligent features, the Aristel SS VPA Door Intercom detects the Australian Busy Tone to automatically hang up calls, enhancing security and preventing unauthorised access. Store up to 10 phone numbers in the door station, allowing for efficient and secure communication with designated contacts.

Robust Design and Build

The surface-mounted design ensures easy integration into various architectural settings, while the IP65 and IK10 ratings guarantee durability and resistance to environmental factors. The Aristel SLT SS VPA Door Intercom is built to withstand challenging conditions therefore providing a reliable and long-lasting solution for your access control needs.

In summary, the Aristel Voice, Power, and Access SLT SS VPA Door Intercom exemplifies excellence in both design and functionality. Elevate your access control system with a device that seamlessly combines innovation, reliability, and ease of use, setting new standards in the world of intercoms.

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