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X7 Fanvil Enterprise IP Phone Handset – Colour Touch screen 7″

X7 Fanvil Enterprise IP Phone Handset

X7 Fanvil Enterprise IP Phone Handset

Fanvil X7 Datasheet

  • 7-inch colour touchscreen display provides users with easy access to call lists, phonebook, DND mode and more
  • Adjustable Screen angle of either 50¬∞ or 40¬∞ for better user experience
  • HD audio support is included in both the handset and the speakerphone
  • Two Gigabit ports allow users to connect their personal computers to the phone
  • Hotspot – WiFi connectivity via dongle
  • 20 SIP Lines
  • 3 – Way Conference
  • Up to 127 DSS Key entries available at display
  • Built-in Bluetooth for connecting Headset
  • Video Codec H.264 Support for receiving Video Calls


Cutting-Edge Design and Features

The Fanvil X7 V2’s modern design is complemented by a 7-inch capacitive touch screen that supports up to 116 DSS key entries. This feature-rich interface provides users with a seamless experience, allowing quick access to essential functions and information. The phone’s capabilities extend further with support for 20 SIP lines, HD audio on both speakerphone and handset, and Opus support for top-notch voice quality. The inclusion of built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity enhances the versatility of communication options.

Highlights of Fanvil X7 V2

  • 20 SIP Lines: Catering to the demands of modern business communication, the phone supports up to 20 SIP lines, ensuring scalability and flexibility in handling calls.
  • HD Audio: Crystal-clear audio is a hallmark of the Fanvil X7 V2, whether in speakerphone mode or while using the handset, ensuring that every conversation is of the highest quality.
  • 7-inch Capacitive Touch Screen: The expansive touch screen not only adds a touch of sophistication to the phone’s design but also provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface for enhanced functionality.
  • Built-in Bluetooth: Seamless connectivity with Bluetooth headsets is facilitated by the phone’s built-in Bluetooth 4.2, ensuring hands-free communication convenience.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: The option for Wi-Fi connectivity, made possible via a Wi-Fi dongle, adds a layer of flexibility, allowing users to connect to networks without the constraints of physical cables.
  • Up to 116 DSS Keys: The phone’s intelligent design accommodates up to 116 DSS key entries directly on the display, streamlining access to frequently used features and contacts.
  • Video Codec H.264 Support: The inclusion of H.264 support ensures a smooth experience when receiving video calls, expanding the scope of communication beyond traditional voice conversations.
  • Dual Gigabit Ports with PoE: The phone’s dual Gigabit ports, coupled with integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE) support, guarantee high-speed data transfer and uninterrupted power supply.
  • Adjustable Stand: Recognising the importance of user comfort, the Fanvil X7 V2 comes with a stand offering two adjustable angles of 40 and 50 degrees, allowing users to customise their viewing experience.

Compatibility and Connectivity

The Fanvil X7 V2 is designed to seamlessly integrate with major platforms. This ensures that businesses can leverage existing infrastructure while benefiting from the advanced features offered by the phone.



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