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X7C Fanvil Enterprise – Colour Screen 5″ IP Phone Handset

X7C Fanvil Enterprise – Colour Screen 5″ IP Phone Handset

X7C Fanvil Enterprise – Colour Screen 5″ IP Phone Handset

Fanvil X7C Datasheet

With a modern, clear design, Fanvil X7C is a high-end enterprise IP phone for business users who need immediate access to all of their important information. In addition to a 5-inch high-resolution colour screen, the telephone also features 20 SIP lines, HD audio with Opus support, up to 60 DSS keys (12 physical), Built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity and more!

  • 20 SIP lines, 3-way conference, hotspot
  • 5″ high-resolution colour display
  • HD audio on speakerphone and handset
  • Up to 60 DSS keys entries available (12 physical)
  • Built-in Bluetooth for connecting Bluetooth headset
  • Wi-Fi connectivity (via Wi-Fi dongle)
  • Video codec H.264 support for receiving video calls
  • Stand with 2 adjustable angles of 40 and 50 degrees
  • Support EHS headset
  • Dual Gigabit ports, integrated PoE
  • Compatible with major platforms:3CX, Avaya, Asterisk, Broadsoft, Metaswitch, Elastix etc.

Cutting-Edge Features

The Fanvil X7C V2 is not just an ordinary IP phone; it’s a powerhouse of features designed to enhance productivity and streamline communication workflows. With support for 20 SIP lines, HD audio capabilities on both speakerphone and handset, and Opus support for crystal-clear voice quality, this IP phone ensures that every conversation is sharp and articulate.

Multimedia Integration

One of the standout features of the Fanvil X7C V2 is its multimedia integration capabilities. The 5-inch high-resolution colour display provides a modern and clear interface for users to access vital information effortlessly. Additionally, the phone supports the reception of video calls, adding a visual dimension to communication that goes beyond traditional audio-only conversations.

Versatile Connectivity Options

Connectivity is at the heart of the Fanvil X7C V2’s design. With Power over Ethernet (PoE) support, the phone ensures uninterrupted power delivery through network cables, eliminating the need for additional power sources. The built-in Bluetooth 4.2 feature enables seamless connections with Bluetooth headsets, enhancing hands-free communication. Moreover, the phone supports Wi-Fi connectivity via a Wi-Fi dongle, providing flexibility in network connectivity.

Intelligent DSS Keys for Enhanced Functionality

The Fanvil X7C V2 boasts intelligent DSS keys, offering up to 60 entries (12 physical keys) to customise and streamline various functions. These keys provide quick access to frequently used features, applications, or contacts, optimising user efficiency and minimising the time spent navigating menus.

Wide Range of Call Features

The phone’s extensive list of call features caters to the diverse needs of business professionals. From basic functions like call answering, holding, and transferring to advanced capabilities such as call waiting, intercom, and anonymous call handling, the Fanvil X7C V2 ensures that users have the tools they need for effective communication.

Advanced Call Management

The Fanvil X7C V2 offers advanced call management features, including a local phonebook with 2000 entries, remote phonebook support (XML/LDAP), and comprehensive call logs for both incoming and outgoing calls (up to 1000 entries). The device also allows users to create blocked or allowed lists for personalised call filtering.



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