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Akuvox X915S SIP – Door Intercom with Facial Recognition

Akuvox X915S SIP – Door Intercom with Facial Recognition

Akuvox X915S SIP – Door Intercom Phone with Facial Recognition

  • H.264 video and G.722 audio codec
  • Android OS V9.0 for any 3rd party software or customisation
  • 8″ IPS LCD capacitive touch screen 1920 x 1080
  • Dual camera for anti-counterfeit with one starlight camera
  • Water-proof & Dust-proof: IP65
  • PoE
  • Support Wiegand
  • 3.56MHZ & 125KHZ Card reader

Please advise if you require IN WALL (Flush Mount) or ON WALL (Surface Mount) Installation kit

  • In Wall/Flush Mount Dimensions: 350 x 130 x 53.9mm
  • On Wall/Surface Mount Dimensions: 350 x 130 x 41.6mm

High-Performance Camera: Built-In HDR Mode for Varied Scenes

The X915S boasts a high-performance main camera equipped with a built-in HDR mode. This feature is tailored to tackle a variety of high-contrast scenes, ensuring optimal image capture regardless of challenging lighting conditions. The result is a comprehensive and reliable visual verification capability.

Precision in Face Verification: Exceeding 99.75% Accuracy

The face verification technology integrated into the X915S achieves an outstanding accuracy rate of over 99.75%. This precision in recognising and verifying individuals ensures a robust access control system, adding an extra layer of security to various premises.

Swift Face Comparison: Speeds Below 0.2s Per Person

In addition to accuracy, the X915S excels in efficiency with face comparison speeds that clock in at less than 0.2 seconds per person. This rapid processing ensures seamless and swift access, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the access control solution.

Intuitive Interface: Color Touch Display for Enhanced Usability

The X915S is characterised by its intuitive interface, featuring a vibrant color touch display. This design choice enhances usability for both residents and visitors, providing a user-friendly experience that simplifies navigation and interaction with the access control system.

Immersive Viewing Experience: 8” Fully-Color Touch Display with Ultra-Wide Angles

The device’s 8-inch fully-colour touch display delivers an immersive viewing experience with ultra-wide angles. This feature ensures that users can access information with clarity and ease, contributing to an enhanced overall user experience.

Tailored Information Presentation: Unique Options for Each Business

Recognising the diverse needs of businesses, the X915S allows for the presentation of information and user navigation options that are unique to each business. This customisation ensures that the access control system aligns seamlessly with specific requirements and branding.

Seamless Communication: SIP Support for Two-Way Voice & One-Way Video

Prioritising effective communication, the X915S supports SIP, facilitating reliable two-way voice communication and one-way video communication. This feature enhances the interactive capabilities of the access control system, ensuring seamless communication between users.


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