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NEOSLIFTKIT1 BM 4G LTE Elevator Line (1) w Battery Monitoring ALL NETWORKS

NEOSLIFTKIT1 BM 4G LTE Elevator Line (1) w Battery Monitoring ALL NETWORKS

NEOSLIFTKIT1 BM 4G LTE Elevator Line (1) w Battery Monitoring ALL NETWORKS

ALL NETWORKS Single Line 4G Elevator Gateway with Battery Monitoring

  • 4G Voice Gateway Supports 4G SIMs
  • Battery backup for up to 8+ Hours
  • Battery and Power status Monitoring to 3 numbers
  • Includes wall mounting bracket
  • Antenna with 3M cable
  • Intercom line supports 48v DC & 90v AC ring (OK for wired distance up to 5KMs)

The recently released new Australian Standard for elevators , AS1735.19, calls for automatic battery and power monitoring status, in the event of failure. The Neos series of BM model LIFT KITs support this mandatory requirement.

The Neos LIFT KITs can also support Call Log Monitoring ( CLM ) whereby an SMS notification is sent when an emergency call is made. This information may assist in mitigating potential legal claims if the call centre does not respond to an emergency call.

Product Sheet


NEOSLIFTKIT1 BM 4G LTE Elevator Gateway with Battery Monitoring

Introducing the NEOSLIFTKIT1 BM, a cutting-edge single-line 4G LTE elevator gateway designed to ensure seamless and reliable communication across all networks. This advanced device integrates comprehensive battery monitoring and adheres to the latest Australian standards for elevator safety and performance.

Key Features:

  • Universal Network Compatibility: Supports all 4G SIMs, providing extensive network compatibility and flexibility.
  • Battery Backup: Offers up to 8+ hours of battery backup, ensuring continuous operation during power outages.
  • Battery and Power Monitoring: Monitors battery and power status, sending updates to up to three numbers via SMS for real-time awareness and quick response.
  • Easy Installation: Comes with a wall mounting bracket for hassle-free installation.
  • Optimal Signal Reception: Includes an antenna with a 3M cable to ensure strong and reliable signal reception.
  • Robust Intercom Line Support: Supports 48V DC and 90V AC ring, suitable for wired distances up to 5 kilometers, guaranteeing robust performance over long distances.
  • Standards Compliance: Fully compliant with the latest Australian Standard AS 1735.19, which mandates automatic battery and power monitoring status in case of failure.

Additional Features:

  • Call Log Monitoring (CLM): Supports SMS notifications for emergency calls, assisting in mitigating potential legal claims by ensuring prompt call center response.


The NEOSLIFTKIT1 BM 4G LTE Elevator Gateway is engineered to meet the highest standards of safety and reliability, making it an ideal choice for both new installations and upgrades (NOTE:  ALL EXISTING 3G DEVICES WILL NEED TO UPGRADE TO 4G DEVICES). With its comprehensive battery monitoring and real-time status updates, this device ensures uninterrupted communication and compliance with stringent safety regulations.

Looking for a Two-Line Solution?

For applications requiring dual-line support, consider our NEOSLIFTKIT2 model, which offers all the benefits of the NEOSLIFTKIT1 BM with the added advantage of two-line connectivity.

Upgrade your elevator communication system with the NEOSLIFTKIT1 BM today. Experience unparalleled reliability, compliance, and peace of mind with our state-of-the-art elevator gateway. Order now to enhance the safety and efficiency of your elevator systems.