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EC33-AKUVOX Elevator Control Unit

EC33-AKUVOX Elevator Control Unit

The EC33 AKUVOX – Elevator Control unit is an IP elevator controller which uses HTTP commands to communicate with other Akuvox devices.


EC33 – NEW MODEL Elevator control Unit – Enhanced Building Security

  • IP-based elevator access controller, which works with all Akuvox intercoms and access control terminals
  • It is typically used in multi-family and office buildings to enhance building access security
  • Remote Management when connected to cloud
  • High performance 32bit CPU processor
  • Standard 10/100M TCP/IP communication
  • Each panel support 32 Floors/Relays and can be expanded to 64 by adding a separate card
  • One RS485 port for connecting expansion panel
  • Supports emergency door release input to realise fire alarm linkage or elevator‚ normal usage if emergency
  • Supports 1 Wiegand reader with Wiegand 26/34 protocol
  • Supports working with Akuvox intercom devices by HTTP mode
  • Akuvox EC33 Elevator Controller uses standard industrial TCP/IP to communicate between Akuvox Intercom / Access devices and lift control
  • Akuvox EC33 Elevator Controller supports up to 20,000 cards and can keep record of up to 100,000 events. It supports Weigand 26/34 and can also integrate with Akuvox Intercom monitors to achieve lift control.


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