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Fanvil SIP Ceiling Speaker – FH-S01

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Fanvil SIP Ceiling Speaker – FH-S01

Fanvil SIP Ceiling Speaker – FH-S01

Introducing the FH-S01, Fanvil SIP Ceiling Speaker for offices, schools, hospitals, aged care facilities, ports, shopping centres and more.

  • HD Audio with G.722 & Opus codecs
  • Support up to 10 multicast zones with prioritisation
  • Audio power up to 20W with built-in class D amplifier
  • Support talkback with built-in microphone
  • Customize the WAV file for emergency notification and alarming
  • Emergency Notification Linkage with security alarming devices
  • Support remote configuration via web page and auto-provisioning
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
  • Integrated PoE(IEEE 802.3af, class 0)

Product Sheet

Enhance your communication infrastructure with the Fanvil FH-S01 SIP Ceiling Speaker – a versatile and cutting-edge solution designed to redefine audio experiences in your space. Seamlessly blending innovative technology with sleek design, this SIP-enabled ceiling speaker is perfect for a range of applications, from office environments and schools to retail shopping centres, hospitals and beyond.

All in One Functionality

Fanvil FH-S01 supports plug-and-play when connecting to PoE and is integrated with coaxial-driver, built-in digital signal processor and digital amplifier, which enables easier operation and simple configuration for users.

High-intelligibility Performance

The SIP Ceiling Speaker supports MP3 broadcasting with a sampling rate of 44.1KHz. This advanced audio codec and 15W audio power, ensures that it delivers crystal clear sound at a distance.

Talkback with Built-in Microphone

Administrators can initiate communication with listeners in an Emergency to provide and receive information. The FH-S01 has a built-in, omnidirectional microphone that supports talkback to enable users to talk with the administrator directly.

Emergency Notification Alerting

The Fanvil SIP Ceiling Speaker offers flexible connection to emergency button, PIR sensor and door sensor, depending on the situation. With customization WAV file for emergency notification and alarm, users can deal with emergencies effectively. In public area, such as school, hotel, and office, it can be used to guide people to the exit in an emergency situation.

Multicasting Functionality

FH-S01 Fanvil Sip Celling Speaker also supports 10 multicast zones, with a priority feature, that can be set on the WEB page for paging. For example, schools can set different listening test simultaneously for different classes and without any interferences.

SIP Compatibility

The Fanvil FH-S01 seamlessly integrates with SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) technology, thereby allowing for easy and efficient communication over IP networks.

Ceiling-Mounted Elegance

Designed with aesthetics in mind, the Fanvil SIP Ceiling Speaker adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Its simple, ceiling-mounted design ensures a seamless fit into your environment while still delivering high-quality audio without compromising on style.

Crystal-Clear Sound

The FH-S01 delivers exceptional audio quality, making it ideal for announcements, background music, and public address systems. Ensure that your messages are heard with precision and clarity.

Powerful Amplification

With a built-in amplifier, the Fanvil FH-S01 boasts powerful audio output, providing coverage for larger areas with ease. Whether it’s a corporate boardroom or a retail showroom, experience superior sound amplification that suits your space.

Effortless SIP Configuration

Benefit from hassle-free SIP configuration, enabling quick setup and integration into your existing communication network. The FH-S01 ensures a smooth transition to modern communication standards, enhancing the overall efficiency of your audio system.


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