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KT10-FANVIL Wireless Neck Pendant – Health & Aged Care ***IN STOCK NOW***

KT10-FANVIL Wireless Neck Pendant – Health & Aged Care

KT10-Fanvil wireless neck pendant is a rebound-type kinetic energy wireless neck pendent. This wireless button can be paired with Fanvil Y501 & Y501-Y series and X305 Big Button IP Phone for equipment control. It uses the Ebelong 1.1 communication protocol. Radio Frequency is 433MHz. Operation Range is up to 150m outdoors and up to 25m indoors.

Enhance the safety and well-being of your loved ones with the cutting-edge KT10-FANVIL Wireless Neck Pendant. Specifically designed for health and aged care, this innovative device is a rebound-type kinetic energy wireless pendant that operates without the need for batteries, ensuring peace of mind that our loved ones can use this in an emergency.


  • Kinetic Energy – No battery
  • Compact
  • Can be paired with the Fanvil Y501 & Y501-Y intercoms and X305 Big Button IP Phone
  • Uses Ebelong 1.1 communication protocol
  • Frequency – 433MHz
  • Operation range is up to 150m outdoors and 25m indoors
  • Dimensions: 21 x 51.6 x 18.5mm


Key Features:
Micro-Energy Harvesting Technology:

The KT10-FANVIL utilizes patented micro-energy harvesting technology, ensuring a reliable power source without the hassle of frequent battery replacements. This sustainable feature makes it an ideal choice for long-term use in healthcare settings.

Compact Design:

With dimensions of 21 x 51.6 x 18.5mm, the KT10-FANVIL is exceptionally compact, providing comfort and ease of use for individuals in health and aged care. Its sleek design ensures it can be worn discreetly, allowing users to maintain their independence without sacrificing style.

Seamless Integration:

Pair the wireless neck pendant effortlessly with Fanvil Y501 & Y501-Y series and X305 Big Button IP Phones for seamless equipment control. This integration streamlines communication and enhances the overall caregiving experience.

Ebelong 1.1 Communication Protocol:

Benefit from advanced communication capabilities with the Ebelong 1.1 protocol, ensuring secure and efficient data transmission. Stay connected and informed in real-time, promoting a prompt response to any health-related incidents.

Reliable Radio Frequency:

Operate confidently with a 433MHz radio frequency, providing a stable and interference-free connection. The KT10-FANVIL is designed to perform consistently, ensuring that emergency signals are transmitted without delay.

Impressive Range:

Whether indoors or outdoors, the KT10-FANVIL offers an impressive operation range of up to 150m outdoors and up to 25m indoors. This extended range ensures that help is always within reach, providing peace of mind for both caregivers and individuals receiving care.

Empower your healthcare environment with the KT10-FANVIL Wireless Neck Pendant – a state-of-the-art solution that combines technological innovation with user-friendly design. Prioritise safety, connectivity, and sustainability in health and aged care with this exceptional wireless pendant. Invest in the future of caregiving with KT10-FANVIL today.

The Fanvil SIP Healthcare and Home Intercom systems are a beacon of innovation in healthcare communication technology thanks to their thoughtful design, versatile installation options and advanced features. This positions them as a vital asset in facilitating timely and effective communication within health and aged care environments.

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