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NEOS4000-4G01 || 4G, 4 SIM Gateway ALL Networks

The Neos 4000 4G01 fixed cellular terminal is the simple solution to slashing your call costs. Suitable for: ALL CARRIERS Up to 4 SIM Cards can be installed in this device!

When connected behind a PABX, wireless gateways can:

  • Save on fixed line rental charges of almost $500 per line per year
  • Save on call costs to mobiles
  • Provide free calls to company intra-fleet mobiles with the right SIM Card solution

In stand alone applications, wireless gateways can:

  • Be used as a counter phone for pubs, restaurants, car parks and motels to call taxis, staff and after hours attendance
  • Seamlessly divert calls from a fixed line to a mobile
  • Be used with most handsets and cordless phones

NEOS combines inbuilt Least Cost Routing technology with the lowest-cost call plan available, routing calls either as mobile via a standard SIM card or via landline, whichever is the cheaper option.

You can enjoy free calls to to mobiles from a landline or discount long distance calls, depending on service provider selected. NEOS can realistically achieve call cost savings of up to 70%.

NEOS installs in seconds with SLT or PABX systems, and any number of units can be added.

NEOS also provides line reversal and call timer.

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