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S567W-Akuvox Premium Touch Screen Indoor Monitor

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S567W-Akuvox Premium Touch Screen Indoor Monitor  (Replaces the IT88A)

The S567W-Akuvox Premium Touch Screen Indoor monitor, with an Android 12 operating system, provides an unparalleled audio-visual intercom experience with four high level speakers. Automatically
adjust screen brightness through environment sensing, voice assistant and Voice Changer to bring convenience and safety to your home. Unleash the Power of Connectivity with Akuvox S567A: Your Ultimate Communication Solution

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  • Strong compatibility with Android 12 OS
  • Completely solve the stability problem of Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi 6
  • Two-way audio communication with other units in the network
  • Complies with SIP standard for easy integration in every SIP capable PBXes
  • Powered by PoE or external source
  • Automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the ambient brightness to protect eyes and save energy
  • Supports Voice Changer to protect the children and women living alone
  • Support US or European electrical wall box mounting
  • Built-in smart voice assistant


Android 12 OS Compatibility

Stay at the forefront of technology with Akuvox S567A’s robust compatibility with Android 12 OS. Experience the latest advancements in mobile operating systems, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly interface for enhanced productivity.

Wi-Fi 6 Stability

Bid farewell to Wi-Fi instability issues. The Akuvox S567A boasts Wi-Fi 6 technology, providing a rock-solid wireless connection for uninterrupted communication. Enjoy the benefits of high-speed data transfer and a reliable network connection, empowering your business communication.

Two-Way Audio Communication

Foster collaboration effortlessly with the Akuvox S567A’s two-way audio communication. Connect seamlessly with other units in the network, facilitating clear and effective conversations that transcend distance barriers.

SIP Standard Compliance

Ensure easy integration with every SIP-capable PBX with the Akuvox S567A. This IP phone complies with SIP standards, streamlining the integration process and providing a hassle-free solution for your business communication needs.

Power Options to Suit Your Needs

Choose flexibility with power options. The Akuvox S567A can be powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet) or an external source, offering you the freedom to configure your communication setup according to your preferences.

Adaptive Screen Brightness

Prioritize eye comfort and energy efficiency with the Akuvox S567A’s automatic screen brightness adjustment. The display adapts to ambient brightness, protecting your eyes and conserving energy for a sustainable and comfortable user experience.

Voice Changer for Added Security

Ensure the safety of your loved ones with the Akuvox S567A’s Voice Changer feature. Ideal for protecting children and individuals living alone, this innovative function adds an extra layer of security to your communication network.

Mounting Options for Your Convenience

Tailor the installation to your space. The Akuvox S567A supports mounting on US or European electrical wall boxes, providing versatility to seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure.

Built-in Smart Voice Assistant

Experience hands-free convenience with the built-in smart voice assistant. Access information, make calls, and manage tasks effortlessly, enhancing your overall communication experience.

Invest in the Future of Communication Technology with Akuvox S567A

Discover the power of Akuvox S567A – where cutting-edge features, compatibility, and innovation converge to create a communication solution that goes beyond expectations. Revolutionize your business communication; choose Akuvox S567A today.

Make the smart choice for your business – order your Akuvox S567A through our website now and embark on a journey of enhanced connectivity and communication efficiency!