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4G Door Intercom for ALL NETWORKS AN1804

4G Door Intercom for ALL NETWORKS AN1804

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Introducing the Aristel AN1804 4G Door Intercom, a versatile and cost-effective solution designed to revolutionise access control systems without the need for expensive cabling infrastructure. Perfect for various sites, this multi-functional intercom utilises a 4G SIM card, ensuring compatibility with all networks, while offering optional SMB inclusion for added convenience.

Product Features:

The AN1804 boasts an array of features tailored to streamline access control and communication:

– Capable of sequentially calling up to 3 numbers for enhanced security.

– Remote access control of 2 gates or doors, providing unparalleled convenience.

– Accommodates up to 1152 authorised guests, enabling seamless door release activation through intercom calls.

– Constructed with an IP65-rated stainless steel cabinet, ensuring durability and resilience against harsh environmental conditions.

– Optional vertical and horizontal surface mount boxes available for flexible installation.


Technical Information:

Equipped with advanced intercom features and interconnect parameters, the AN1804 guarantees reliable performance and adaptability:

– 2 relays for efficient access control management.

– Programmable timers for ring time, and door open/closed duration optimisation.

– Access control by up to 1152 authorised guests via free intercom calls.

– Silent monitoring capability for added security and surveillance.

– Input terminals for egress button integration, enhancing operational efficiency.

– Adjustable speaker and microphone levels for optimal communication clarity.

– Network signal strength check via SMS for proactive maintenance.


Security and Voice Features:


The AN1804 prioritises user privacy and communication quality with:

– Administrator-exclusive SMS and dial-in access for configuration changes.

– SMS log of guests’ arrival times for comprehensive access tracking.

– Personal privacy protection through phone lock feature with Admin/User 2-level configuration mode.

– High-quality audio with a noise-cancelling algorithm, ensuring crystal-clear communication even in noisy environments.


Physical Properties and Network Compatibility:

– Compact design with 1 hotline programmable button for customisable functionality.

– Compatible with both 12-24 volt AC or DC power sources for versatile deployment.

– Weighing just 1.0kg and dimensions of 113w x 174h x 65d mm, the AN1804 offers easy installation and maintenance.

– Supports all networks, including WCDMA and LTE bands, ensuring seamless connectivity across diverse locations.

Upgrade your access control system with the Aristel AN1804 4G Door Intercom, combining advanced features, robust security, and effortless integration for enhanced site management and convenience.

* Surface Mount Boxes Sold Separately*


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