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AN IP2W || ARISTEL IP over 2 Wire Converter Power Supply

IP over 2 Wire Power Supply – Network Coaxial HD Transmitter

Product Sheet

IP coaxial transmitter that converts Ethernet signal into differential digital signal that can be transmitted through video line, twisted pair wiring and telephone line.

Based on the latest P1901 technology of IEEE, it is compatible with ICP / IP protocol and supports the transmission of high-definition video and high-speed data signal on coaxial cable, twisted pair wiring, telephone line and other media. It has the advantages of long transmission distance, high communication speed, supporting multimedia services and flexible networking etc.

ANIP2W is widely used transforming Analogue Systems to HD and also with new systems that require long-distance transmission, scattered camera points, etc.


1 x PAIR (2) IP network Coaxial Transmitters

2 x DC 5V-12V 5 Watt

1 x AN IP2W-User-Guide