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Security and convenience are paramount for new buildings and existing apartments today. The AN1912 4G Video Intercom is the ideal solution, offering reliable features and easy installation. Discover how this advanced intercom system transforms property management and enhances resident security in apartment complexes of up to 1,000 units.

Key Features of the AN1912 4G Video Intercom:

  • Operates on a 4G Network or a Wired Network: Flexibility in connectivity options ensures reliable performance in diverse environments.
  • Mobile App Configuration and Management: Effortlessly configure and manage the intercom system via a user-friendly mobile app.
  • 4G IP Videophone: Make crystal-clear video calls to residents and guests.
  • Instant Video Calls to Mobile App: Receive instant video calls directly on your mobile device, enhancing accessibility and responsiveness.
  • 24/7 Video Recording: Continuous video recording ensures comprehensive surveillance and peace of mind.
  • Face Detection Alarm: Advanced face detection technology provides an additional layer of security, alerting you to any suspicious activity.
  • Supports Up to 1,000 Room Numbers: Ideal for large apartment complexes, accommodating up to 1,000 individual units.
  • Supports Up to 1,000 Mi Fare Cards (Optional): Optional support for Mi Fare cards offers an additional access control method.
  • Supports Up to 1,000 PIN Codes: Enhance security with unique PIN codes for residents and staff.
  • 4G LTE/GSM Network: Dependable network support ensures uninterrupted communication.
  • 1080P H.264 Video: High-definition video quality for clear, detailed visual communication.
  • Two-way audio: Provides residents and visitors with real-time two-way communication.
  • Ample storage: Capacity for extensive video recordings with SD cards up to 128GB.

Why Choose the AN1912 4G Video Intercom?

In addition to being a device, the AN1912 4G Video Intercom is a comprehensive security solution. Property managers and developers will likely choose it because of its advanced features, ease of use, and robust network support, enhancing residents’ security and convenience.

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