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SNCB10L-10m Antenna Cable for EnGenius Long Range Cordless Phones

The SNCB10L (LMR400) is a 10 metre Low loss antenna cable for the EnGenius Long Range Cordless products. The cable is used for extended range of the EnGenius products and is used in conjunction with the indoor (SN DOME) or Outdoor (SNDP) Antennas.

Extend the range of your EnGenius Long Range Cordless with the LMR-400 50Ω Cable, meticulously designed for uncompromising performance in industrial and harsh environmental conditions.

Key Features:

  • LMR400 50Ω Cabling: Ensures optimal signal integrity and durability.
  • UV Resistant Polyethylene Jacket: Provides robust protection against outdoor elements, extending cable lifespan.
  • Thicker Diameter and Reduced Flexibility: Diameter of 10mm with a minimum bend diameter of 25.4mm ensures superior performance under stress.

Usage: Ideal for applications requiring the highest grade antenna cable performance, the LMR-400 is crafted to excel in environments demanding reliability and longevity. With materials designed for outdoor exposure and UV resistance, this cable promises a lifespan exceeding 20 years.


  • Electrical Specifications: Offers a resistance of 50Ω, capacitance of 78.4pF/m, and minimal signal loss of 0.12dB/m @ 850MHz and 0.20dB/m @ 2100MHz.
  • Frequency Range: Supports frequencies from DC to 16.2GHz, making it suitable for a wide range of communication needs.
  • Mechanical Specifications: Features a sturdy build with a weight of 10kg per 100m, and operates reliably in temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +85 °C (-40 °F to +185 °F).

Built to Last: With a conductor material of aluminum or copper (tinned), foamed polyethylene insulation, and robust aluminum or copper (tinned) shielding, the LMR-400 cable ensures consistent performance and durability under challenging conditions.